Sunday September 26, 2004 marked the 28th anniversary of my three globular ships experience in 1976 at White Beach along Ocean Street in Manchester Massachusetts USA and a wonderful reunion with a co-experiencer of this contact event, Phil Oxford.

Phil and I became acquainted while he was standing in Danvers square two years prior at 3 am waiting for a ride to an all night island gathering. Being the only two people out and about at that hour, I struck up a conversation and asked if he wanted to go to a concert. He replied, “Yeah, who’s playing?” I answered, “Me.” It was the show I performed in at Silver Lake, New Hampshire with a view of Mt. Chocorua sitting above the sapphire blue water
in full view from the shoreline stage at Camp English (circa 1974). So that very next day, I brought him along to see the show.

On September 26, 1976 , Phil called and was excited saying that he had a ride to get us to one of our favorite spots to watch the waves and the stars at the Ocean Street beach. I was just finishing a prayer in which I inquired about my purpose in this life. At exactly 10:08 pm EST, a globular object emitting red-orange light—the point vehicle—the first visually acquired of three—was sitting geometrically/equidistantly at perfect center amidst the four stars of the pan of the The Big Dipper; and the pan was sitting notably flat just above the northern horizon. The pan sitting flat or parallel to the horizon occurs within a two minute window thus making it easy to note exact time using astronomical software. I sent a message with my mind saying, “Approach, I am not afraid.”

The object immediately began a descent along a sloping downward trajectory straight for me. As the object approached, Phil and Bruce (an acquaintance of Phil who drove us to the site) were coming up behind me from the beach. They saw me holding up my arms in welcome and stood on each side of me in awe--Phil to my left and Bruce to my right. The object closed within 50 feet just across the road, was 30 feet in the air and was as big as a two story house. The objects were identical to my four spheres in 1972 four years earlier.

Suddenly there was an effect as if time had slowed. Then, after some time had transpired,
a Manchester Police officer emerged onto the beach in a cruiser, turned on his blues and bolted out of there in a hurry. At first, I thought he didn’t see what was happening on either side of him in plain view but instead had caught sight of a party of drunks further up the beach. But he drove past them and left the beach completely. Then the object receded backward along its original approach trajectory heading, stopped at a halfway point, elevated vertically to 4,000 ft., made a right angle turn and headed straight over our heads, aligned perfectly in between two other globes and the three objects moved away in an “I” formation toward the eastern sky and out of sight. I didn’t know it at the time, but there was time missing which was later verified using astronomical software and indirectly from regression 21 years later with Mr. Joe Nyman, a founding American UFO researcher (the two recovered childhood abduction--or extraction--events unstopped the bottle and allowed further memories to spontainously flow). At the close of this event, there was an intense meteor shower which lasted for an hour and the Kettle Cove bay at Black Beach just to the east was full of long silver fish jumping high out of the water by the thousands. I reported this to the county seat police station in Salem. The desk sergeant confirmed without reservation that many calls had come in on that. I had also called the Air Force Antenna Station at 16 Skytop Rd. Wenham MA and spoke with a lieutenant who said they didn't see anything but when pressed said that it was all he could officially tell me.

What I knew from this moment on was visitors want peaceful and substantive contact with a prepared global citizenry and that powerful interests, governments and corporations are ripping off and poisoning the earth’s peoples with their archaic and expensive technologies, wars, taxes,
fees and costs. So it was time to travel, to observe, to educate and to grow to a new height. My feet were set upon a path nothing could change. I threw everything into my stationwagon and headed west. Phil came along and we had another mutual sighting (same reddish glowing globular craft) in the wee hours of July 4, 1977 while en route to California just east of Kingman Arizona. This object would follow on the driver side and then cross over to the passenger side so that we could both plainly see it. This went on for several crossovers and then it shot out of sight to the west in the direction we were heading. Minutes later, we crossed the bridge over the Colorado River into California. Just as we hit mid-bridge and the "Welcome to California" sign, the musical phrase: "Welcome to the Hotel California" played at that precise moment--some timing...

In the desert, we climbed a small mountain at sunrise--just a sheer rise overlooking the highway. Then we slept in the car on a street in East LA. We were awakened by residents who were musicians and upon their noticing my Farfisa organ and Leslie speaking in the back, we were offered to play at an all day/all night musical get together on a roof top across from the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Then we left there while there was still daylight and arrived at Santa Monica at dusk. There, we found one remaining parking spot right next to the Santa Monica cliffs. And people who were sitting at the primary vista at the edge were just getting up to leave, so we sat there. There were millions of people below us on the beach stretching as far as the eye could see. And just then, five major fireworks along the coast commenced and we could see them all from that spot. More than the exquisite welcome to California this was, this was also a welcome to the advent of open contact.

I have attached a picture of the recent reunion of Phil and myself at the Beverly Depot Restaurant and Pub in Beverly Massachusetts (above). It has been 20 years since we had last seen each other (needless to say it was time for a celebration). He lives in Ft. Meyers Beach Florida and plays at beachside resorts as a solo guitarist and vocalist. We told our story to the room and everyone was highly interested. Interestingly, the woman who snapped our photo, Dorene Pinciaro, Purchasing Manager in high voltage equipment, is also an experiencer.